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Covid-19 emerges in China’s Wuhan on Dec 19, declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020
Over 138.8 million infected globally; more than 3 million dead, over 79 million recovered
745,182 cases reported in Pakistan; 15,982 dead, 650,775 recovered

Denmark speeds up reopening of the economy as new virus cases ease

Denmark said it would reopen the economy sooner than expected as Covid-19 infections decrease, allowing indoor service at restaurants and cafes and football fans to cheer from the stands from April 21, weeks earlier than originally planned, Reuters reported.

Denmark has avoided a third wave of the Covid-19 epidemic after imposing wide lockdown measures in December, which slowed the epidemic considerably to between 500-700 daily infections from several thousand in December.

Most of the planned reopening schemes are contingent on the use of a so-called “corona-passport”, which shows whether the holder has been vaccinated, has previously been infected, or has taken a test within the last 72 hours.

Merkel says lockdowns, curfews vital to break Germany’s third wave

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged lawmakers on Friday to approve new powers that would allow her to force coronavirus lockdowns and curfews on areas with high infection rates, saying a majority of Germans were in favour of stricter measures, Reuters reports.

“The third wave of the pandemic has our country firmly in its grip,” said Merkel, whose speech in parliament was interrupted by heckling from lawmakers of the far-right Alternative for Germany party opposed to lockdowns.

“Intensive care workers are sending one distress call after the other. Who are we to ignore their pleas?” Merkel said.

Her government wants parliament to change the Infection Protection Act to enable federal authorities to enforce restrictions even if regional leaders resist them, hoping to alleviate pressure on intensive care units.

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